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The MilestonePod is a SUPER simple and accurate tracking device for runners and walkers of all levels. No buttons. No hassle. Just clip and go!

If you like to run, chances are you have been injured. Understanding your personal gait and stride is step one to staying healthy. Gone are the days where gait could only be discovered in an expensive run lab. With the MilestonePod as your portable run lab, you can discover and track your gait and form over time, with no effort, and for a very small price! Because HOW you run matters.

Not only does it track distance, pace, and time, but your gait and performance metrics:
Get unique foot-based data not available from other devices including Foot Strike, Rate of Impact, Distance and Duration, Leg Swing, Ground Contact, Cadence, Stride Length, and a Runficiency Score!

The Pod works everywhere, even indoors., and is a great GPS backup. And no charging needed!

Works with Zwift Run!